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The Swell Season, Toronto '07

So, I assume it's ok to put up some Swell Season material from the latest tour?  (I only ask because there hasn't really been much lately)

In any case, I've got some pictures up on flickr (and my LJ), and a few youtube videos.

All The Way Down

Lay Me Down

The show was phenomenal.  Toronto did get a premiere for Once, but Marketa couldn't make it over the border (believe me, the first thing I'll do with my law degree/diplomatic post is give these guys immunity from all that border nonsense).. so it was an absolute pleasure to finally hear her sing!  Such a captivating voice for so small a person. 

A lot of my highlights from the night involve the moments when she took over center stage - e.g. Fantasy Man, and during Star Star, where she went into Oh Holy Night

Set list:
Say It To me now
All The Way Down
This Low
Drown Out
When Your Mind’s Made Up
Fantasy Man
Falling Slowly
What Happens When The Heart Just Stops
Lay Me Down
Into The Mystic

Blue Shoes (colm solo)
If You Want Me
Star Star > Oh Holy Night > Hotellounge (Joe singing lead)
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Love the photos and videos! Thanks for posting them!