I laugh and fall just like Grimaldi (gazingeye) wrote in denounced,
I laugh and fall just like Grimaldi

Mic Christopher: Troubadour

Irish Music Central was good enough to post up the Leargas Tribute to Mic Christopher. Glen and Colm are featured heavily in the clips, as well as Mic's family and other musicians. The special culminates with footage from the Skylarkin' gig. It's a truly moving tribute to a talented musician.

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That was beautiful. Thanks for sharing it here.
It was too poignant a find to keep to myself.

And randomly, I noticed on your profile that you went to Case. I just graduated from there last month. Small world!
Very small! Who knew there were other fans of Mic and the Frames at Case? ;-)

What did you study?
There really are graduates with interests other than World of Warcraft and anime!

English. I was one of those strange kids spending their time on Mather Quad.
I like neither of those things. Although I do know a disturbing amount about WoW because my best friend here is obsessed with it. Anyway, the really geeky guys were more into DDR when I was there. ;-)

I spent a fair amount of my time over on the Mather Quad until I got completely and totally frustrated with some of the individuals in Modern Languages and told them to count me off their list of majors.
These are brilliant! Thanks so much!
I'm glad you liked it!
Beautiful. Thanks for posting.
My pleasure.
That was touching tribute. Thanks.

I know that happened a few years ago, and I noticed at the end of the last video, there's a little girl sitting on Glen's shoulders. Was that Marketa?

I kid. I kid :D
Well, she is pretty tiny...I'll admit it, I laughed. It's Issy Leadbitter, Claire's daughter.

I kept watching the last two minutes or so of the last video to play Spot the Musicians. Quite amused to see Damien Rice pogoing in the background.
Oops. That was a touching tribute. I swear I'm not a caveman :D

I was playing Spot the Musicians too. I was trying to find Lisa Hannigan. My ears propped up when Mic's dad mentioned her as one of the three friends who visited Mic at the hospital. So I thought she'd be featured in the video, or at least one of the musicians at the end.
Wow, that was amazing. Thanks for posting this! That must have been one hell of a gig.
So poignant, I know. I've only ever managed to get an MP3 of Glen and Lisa doing What a Curious Notion, and the quality's pretty terrible. But seeing video of it makes it look like such a fantastic time.