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Once in Atlanta!!!

Hey everybody!
I saw Glen and Mar live on Tuesday in Atlanta and the show was absolutely amazing!!!! :D
I'm not exactly sure what I was expecting (possibly something different from seeing just the Frames?) but let me tell you that you will not be disappointed! I saw them in a new and very large arena up in northwest Atlanta and although Glen seemed a little disconcerted that the room was too big, they f**kin' rocked the house! There was so much energy in the room and the crowd erupted in applause when the band walked out. It wasn't just Mar, it was everyone. All of the Frames were there and Colm was on fire. The sound out of everyone was so clear and crisp. Glen said Mar had bet him $100 that he couldn't be quiet and he lost... big time. ;) But I was glad he did because he was in fine form and told tons of stories and talked about all of the songs, offering up new perspective on new ones as well as old favorites. The set list was amazing as well but I won't spoil the surprises you might have if you see them! ;) Marketa played lead guitar and sang frequently and joined Glen up front for many of the better known Frames songs as well as quite a few covers! It was an absolutely incredible and magical night!!!

I was a little far away so my pictures turned out pretty bad, but Thanks to Flickr member Patcave I can share these with you!

Images shared with permission and you can see more pictures here!
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