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Halloween DVD

I uploaded this for a few people on my friends list and thought I'd cross post it here.  It's a pretty great gig.  It's the Halloween Ball gig from 2004 - recorded by RTE Two at the Mansion House, Dublin.

The boys seem to have really enjoyed it, the audience is in great form, and the quality of the recording is great.  There's only one blip where a random commercial sneaks in near the end.  You don't miss anything though, and it barely lasts a few seconds.

I'm pretty sure you need to download all the files to get this to work.  It's just over 3GB total, for a one and half hour show.  Once everything's downloaded, unzip it using the smallest file, the actual .zip file.

Set list

01 - Intro
02 - Dream Awake
03 - Lay Me Down
04 - Finally
05 - Happy
06 - What happens When The Heart Just Stops
07 - Intro 2
08 - Sideways Down
09 - God Bless Mom
10 - Rent Day Blues
11 - Pavement Tune
12 - Star Star
13 - The Blood
14 - The Early Bird
15 - Friends and Foe
16 - Revelate
17 - Fake
18 - Heyday (Mic Christopher)

Remember to download all 6 parts and the ZIP:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

To play it, VLC Media Player (free to download) works for me: File > Open Directory > Open the folder with all the video files in them.

I apologize if this comes up more than once for you, I've crossposted it a few places.  And of course, if the links die, feel free to ask for another upload.  I'll try my best!  This was an absolute pain in the ass to get up, so comments are always appreciated...
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