still hung up on a lost cause (thryn) wrote in denounced,
still hung up on a lost cause

I love it so far ...

With the installation of an updated iTunes and some metaphorical kicking of my dying computer, I've finally managed to burn "dance the devil ..." onto an audio CD months upon months after dowloading it from the iTunes store. This is momentous because it means I *finally*, ten years after finding a copy of fitzcarraldo in a used CD dollar bin and having it change my damned life, have on audio CD every studio album The Frames have put out! Hooray!

The downside of iTunes is ... no CD insert. *is sad*

So, I thought I'd prevail upon you lovely people to see if anyone who has the physical album would be willing to scan (or photograph, if you have a decent camera and a steady hand) the insert for me and post the images somewhere or e-mail them to me? To fully enjoy the steady frames diet I have planned for the next few weeks before I fly up to New York to see them (another finally!), I need to be able to read the liner notes.

So ... anyone willing to oblige?

*looks pitiful*


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